“It’s only a stupid game” – Super Sam Eveland






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    ■ 2014 Columbus Day Tournament - October 25, 2014




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A word from Doug:


If shuffleboard means anything to you and you don't want to see it disappear in St. Louis, get out and play and support it!  Participation is down across the board, both on Friday nights and at tournaments.  We've already seen tournaments canceled or postponed due to a lack of participation.  You don't need to live at the Elks lodge, but try to get out and play one or two Friday nights a month.  And support our tournaments!   We are seeing less of the best players in St. Louis all the time, and it's both hurting shuffleboard and embarrassing when our best players don't show up for our own tournaments.  I realize everybody has a life and interest outside of shuffleboard, I do too.  But if things continue the way they've been going for the last couple of years, quality shuffleboard play in Saint Louis may soon be a thing of the past.




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